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Why I Hate Facebook

Why I Hate Facebook

Why do I hate the book of faces? Mainly, because it makes me like humans less. If it were not for Facebook, I would not have known how many people I know in real life are racists, anti-government extremists, or science deniers. If it were not for Facebook, I wouldn’t have known that the majority … Continue reading


  • ..."What if we're the ones thinking about escalating a confrontation? ...How do we know if it's worth it?... It's very simple: Three days from now, if you're sitting in a jail cell or lying in a pine box, was the escalation worth it?" Tim Larkin, When Violence is the Answer.
  • Nowhere Tribune is looking for a friend with a critical eye to occasionally proof read articles and offer suggestions. Must not be easily offended nor overly concerned with those who are easily offended. If this interests you, please let me know through the contact form. We will split all proceeds evenly. Nowhere Tribune began in 2012, and our combined yearly earnings to date are exactly $0.00.
  • Post of the Day: From the Out and Abouter--Monarch Butterfly Admits He Finds Father's Day a Little Hard.

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