Road Race Review: TSU Glow Run 5K, Stephenville, Texas

The Tarleton State University recreational sports department hosted their first ever nighttime run on Saturday, March 2, 2013. Organizers considered the race a success, as there were over 230 runners, 100 or more of whom signed up at the race itself, causing a short delay in the starting time.

The Glow Run was chip timed by Race Day Services, which is a plus. The company provides music, an exciting start and finish line, and accurate results which are posted as soon as runners start coming in. Within minutes of finishing, competitors see their times and placing.

The course at Tarleton was fair. It was flat, and fairly fast, though runners had to navigate a few torn up paths and narrow lanes and sidewalks. Also, there were several times when runners had to step onto or off of a sidewalk, which, especially in the dark, was a tripping hazard. Being that the entire course was on or around the university, it could have been improved by staying within campus and away from traffic.

The course was lined in cones, and volunteers were on nearly every turn to direct running traffic. But miles were not marked, so it was harder to determine your pace.

TSU’s goody bag was a bargain considering the $20.00 entry fees: a T-shirt, Gatorade, toothpaste, lip balm, and other goodies. This was offset, though, by the fact that the race ran out of water after the finish. That’s one thing a race needs plenty of.

The awards were also generous, though there was some disappointment that they only went to the overall winners and first in each age group. The prizes given to first place in age divisions—two T-shirts, a toboggan, a TSU water bottle, a tote-bag—could have been divided up among the top 3 places in each age group. And no, I’m not a sore loser; I won my age group and was grateful for the prizes, but would have been glad to share.

With the free glow sticks, costume contest, music, and dance floor, there was a fun atmosphere for this race. And the race itself was good. I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars, and I would be happy to go back next year.

Note to organizers:

Clearly mark each mile
Have plenty of water and ditch the energy drinks (unless it’s Gatorade)
Keep runners off busy streets
Award top 3 finishers in each age group
Keep using Race Day Services
Wash the apples

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