Review: “Clean” by Dr. Douglas Weiss

_140_245_Book.851.coverClean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity

By Dr. Douglas Weiss

Dr. Douglas Weiss has helped men in their fight against sexual sin for over 25 years. He has worked with everyone from the frustrated fourteen-year-old struggling with pornography to the gray-headed pastor who was caught in an affair, and he knows and understands the problem and how to overcome it. In fact, he has been clean from his own sexual addiction for over 25 years.

In his new work, Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity, Dr. Weiss tells readers how prevalent the problem is, why it is urgent for men to become clean, and how men can become clean and stay clean.

After counseling thousands of men and witnessing hundreds of destroyed lives and marriages, Dr. Weiss sees all sexual sin as deadly serious, and he never pretends that the problem is an easy one to solve. There are no simple, magic formulas in this book. In fact, the work is hard and takes the grace of God to accomplish. But, Dr. Weiss says, it can be done.

Clean rises above similar books. For one, it is well-written and clear. It is also filled with Scripture, which Dr. Weiss handles and applies skillfully. And, unlike other books that aim to help men overcome lust but are filled with stories that incite lust, this book itself is clean—I wouldn’t be embarrassed to give it to anyone. And most importantly, it has good, biblical, and practical advice—the kind than men need. I highly recommend this book to any struggling man, or any man who works with or cares about struggling men.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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