Book Review: Robert Griffin III, Athlete, Leader, Believer

Ted Kluck admits that it’s too early for a biography of Robert Griffin III2242009a3fde2849c53c947019f2e955, who hadn’t completed his rookie season at the time of writing. But, then again, it could be the best time. If the now super-star quarterback fizzles out, it’s the only time. If not, there will be opportunities for more, bigger books.

While Kluck admires the character and talent of “RG3”–he wouldn’t write a book about him if he didn’t–he reminds readers, and perhaps himself, that the young man is human rather than divine. When we watch him perform, therefore, we should be moved to worship his Creator rather than him, the created.

In reading Robert Griffin III, Athlete, Leader, Believer, I found much to admire about the man. I hope, with the author, that RG3 continues to be a strong role model for fans and kids. Regarding the book, there’s always something to be gained from reading about people who are extraordinary at what they do, regardless of what it is. But if you’re not a football fan, expect to get lost in the never-ending statistics and sports-writer terminology, which may get tedious even for fans.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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