Two Helpful Guides for Beginning Triathletes

After the Cowtown Marathon next weekend, I’ll be concentrating on triathlon training. Here are a couple of helpful guides I’ve read in preparation.

81zgW+WJf7L__SL1500_The 50 Best Tips EVER for Running Fitter, Faster and Forever

By Scott Welle

Scott Welle has put together a good collection of tips for runners, whether they are beginners or advanced. Though I’ve read lots about running, I still found some new and useful information. And it always helps to get someone else’s perspective.

Welle takes a balanced look at fitness, nutrition, strength, form, mentality, and other factors that affect performance, recognizing that none of these areas can be ignored if one wants to be a competitive runner.

The strength of this book is that it is short and (mostly) straight forward. There are times when Welle gets scientific, and this runner disagrees with some of what he says, but over all this is a great little book and definitely worth the price.

71oRh75OBnL__SL1500_Adults Guide to Better Swimming

By Katie Smith

If you’ve tried to learn how to swim properly as an adult (as I have), you realize that it’s not easy. Trying to break 30 year’s worth of bad habits, while learning concepts like bilateral breathing and correct pull technique, gets complicated. Katie Smith realizes that and does a great job of simplifying the task by breaking it down into easy steps.

This guide is short and sweet. I’ve read longer, more detailed books, but this one along with a good video and a training session or two is all that you need to get off to a good start.


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2 thoughts on “Two Helpful Guides for Beginning Triathletes

  1. Thanks for posting these. I could definitely use that book on swimming. I thought I was a good swimming until I got in a pool and tried doing laps! I will check it out.

    Posted by sarahdudek80 | February 15, 2014, 3:37 pm

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