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Review: Manners That Matter Most by June Eding

9781578265183Manners That Matter Most: The Easy Guide to Etiquette at Home and in the World

By June Eding

In her forward to June Eding’s book, Norah Lawlor writes: “Manners that Matter Most is an important contribution as it takes an old subject and presents it in a fresh and accessible way.” After reading the book, I agree.

The author says that good manners have more to do with being kind and considerate than following rules or social customs. Manners are not merely for making good first impressions, but are always essential, including at home and at work.

After generalities on what good manners are and why they are important, the author gives us “25 essentials to good manners.” This list includes the classics—say thank you, offer help, don’t gossip, and others that are sadly out of fashion.

For example, the author believes, as does this reviewer, that it’s still important to be on time. “When you’re on time, you communicate that you respect the other person and their time…” Also, “If you say you’re going to do something, do it.”

There are also more original, but no less important, bits of advice, such as, “Don’t assume ‘honesty is the best policy’….In truth, there is no reason why the full range of your opinions or feelings should be shared with everyone.”

And, “If you are hanging out with friends or loved ones, take a break from your phone.”

Eding’s book is a concise and well-written reminder of the classic wisdom: “Treat others as you yourself would want to be treated.”


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