Book Review: Slow Running by Chris Bore

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By Chris Bore

It’s not often that we get something good for free. But I like free. That’s one of the reasons running is my favorite sport; I can go where and when I want, without paying a fee.

That’s also one of the reasons I chose to read Chris Bore’s book. I periodically scan the new releases on Amazon, especially looking for anything to do with running. Since the Kindle edition of this book was offered for $0.00, I thought it was worth a try.

I’ve downloaded several free books that turned out to not be worth the time to download, but this was not one of them. Mr. Bore’s book is well written, enjoyable to read, and full of good advice.

Mr. Bore says that running should be fun. I agree, although I admit that I am guilty of making it not fun. I have gone “too far, too fast, too soon,” and I have paid for it. My Boston Marathon qualifying wife has also gone “too far, too fast, too soon.” She is currently in a cast, recovering from ankle surgery, and missing the fall and winter running season.

Mr. Bore coaches new runners. His goal isn’t to make them faster, but to help them enjoy years of injury free running, just as he plans to do himself:

“I am 58 years old. I have been running as an adult, on and off, for coming up to 40 years. I would like to run a 10 k when I am 80, and enjoy it.”

Just as Mr. Bore doesn’t believe in wasting steps, he doesn’t waste words. Every page of this very short book is good. My favorite paragraph of his sums up the whole idea:

“If you are a runner, being there – being out there, actually running – is what it is about. If you make the running unpleasant, or you injure yourself, then you won’t be there, and you won’t be a runner. So make it nice; and take it slow.”


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