Review: Confidence Hacks by Brian William

Confidence Hacks: How to Boost Confidence, Overcome Negativity And Become The Great Person you Really Are

This could also be titled “The first one-star review I’ve ever given,” or, simply, “Horrible.”

61QpCEnHIwL__SL1500_According to Brian William in his book, Confidence Hacks: “Confidence is the ability to cope up with the setbacks and deal with it.”

What? That’s not clear to you? Okay, try this.  “To define confidence in simple language would be: confidence is a viewpoint that can bring understanding of who you are and what you are capable of.”

William says that we are all in need of confidence, and that the steps in his book can get us there: “You may actually be doing some changes in your attitude and that’s wonderful. But, if you really want to give your confidence a boost, you need to work more.”

This reviewer asks, if I am “doing” some changes, how does the author know that I still “need to work more.” Perhaps I, and other readers do, but this book does not help. There are some things that may help those who know nothing at all about building confidence. That is, if you can understand the writing in this book, which is, at best, awkward.

The following will provide a perfect example of the author’s writing style and the quality of his “hacks”:

“There are situations that can make you pretend you know, when you actually have no idea at all. All it needs is confidence to bring it off. If you were able to get away with it, imagine the confidence high that you got from that experience!”

I believe that this book is the author’s exercise in the above. He is pretending he knows, when he actually has “no idea at all.” Though he may get a “confidence high” from all of the fake five-star reviews he receives—which, by the way, resulted in my wasting $2.99 on this book—he doesn’t actually “bring it off.”

** This review will earn a lot of “not-helpful” votes on Amazon, but I don’t want anyone else to waste their $2.00!


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