Book Review: Lean In: The Art of Living a Life Less Ordinary

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By Stephen Reed

Stephen Reed’s Lean In is not a typical success book. His goal isn’t to get rich by selling books that repeat the same old themes—that’s obvious, considering that the Amazon price for this particular eBook was $0.00 when I “bought” it.

In this case, the saying, “You get what you pay for,” doesn’t hold true. While this short book is repetitive at points, and not all of the tips will work for everyone, Reed has some good, practical advice, and he presents it in a way that’s fun to read.

Reed sums up his theme in this sentence: “Don’t think that you can wait for retirement to enjoy your life, it may never come.”

He tells how he had a series of jobs that ranged from unfulfilling to dreadful, and how he now works for himself doing what he enjoys. He then tells how anyone else can do the same through “small, incremental steps” which can “build up into something wonderful.”

Reed’s not promoting an easy way to a selfish life of leisure. He’s saying that if we can find a way to make a living from what we love, we will be better people all around:

“I am sure that, as I find passion in what I do in my life, I become an even better father, husband, and son.”


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