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Still Here by Andy Grant

51930ElI8jLStill Here: How to Succeed in Life after Failing at Suicide

By Andy Grant


“I’ve been to the edge enough to know beyond any shadow of a doubt that nobody is here for the purpose of ending their own life,” writes Andy Grant in his book, Still Here.

Andy Grant is a survivor of multiple suicide attempts and still battles with depression.  In his book, he shares what he has discovered after years of working to win the struggle.

The main strength of this book is that Grant comes across as sincere. He’s not an “expert” trying to sell books. He’s a survivor who has a passion for helping others.  He’s also very honest about his own struggles.

Grant gives readers several tools to help them overcome thoughts of suicide or feelings of despair. He never claims that any certain thing is the answer, nor does he discount any options. He just tells us what has helped him. And those things that help most cost little. Exercise, for instance:

“It makes you feel good and enhances self-esteem. It is slow release and has long-lasting effects. It induces calm and improves thinking. It even makes you more attractive and improves your love life.”

There are a few suggestions that remind me of Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live, but if they help, who am I to criticize? Any little criticisms I might have are not worth mentioning when I consider the overall value of this book.


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