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Review: The Argument-Free Marriage by Fawn Weaver

41yGucszJBLThe Argument-Free Marriage: 28 Days to Creating the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted With the Spouse You Already Have

By Fawn Weaver

Fawn Weaver says that you can have an argument free marriage, and she uses her own as an example.

The author’s tips are basic—things we know but too often don’t follow: don’t go to bed angry, for instance.

Weaver believes that argument free marriages are rare. When her husband read her first draft and asked why they were mentioned so much, she replied: “The book is about an argument-free marriage. There’s certainly not much other data available for this concept.” But I don’t agree. There are many argument free marriages—both happy and unhappy ones.

Weaver says that she is outspoken, so for her, an argument free marriage may be a difficulty. There are many marriages, though, where one or both parties are not argumentative. Two people who both avoid conflict can have a perfectly argument-free, yet unhappy and silent marriage.

But that’s a side issue. If you argue with your spouse, this book along with the exercises may be helpful. Weaver is a fair writer, and she tells enough stories to keep the reader engaged, although she is at times hard to relate to and comes across as a tad smug.

Weaver’s blog is called they Happy Wives Club. We should make it our goal to be either a happy wife or a happy husband, whichever case may apply. If that’s not where we’re starting from, then we’re going to have a less than perfect marriage, arguments or not.


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