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Review: Kidnapped by Nuns by Bob Fuss

51nR84V1tpLKidnapped By Nuns: And Other Stories of a Life on the Radio

By Robert Fuss

How could Robert Fuss not write a book after traveling to all 50 states and over 70 countries, and knowing four decades worth of presidents and congressmen? He has enough good stories to fill several life times; after reading his book, I think that being “kidnapped by nuns” would be an ordinary day for him.

Fuss writes: “If you can’t find a bus that is going where you want to go, then you need to want to go wherever the bus is going.” If any quote could summarize this book, that would be it. Fuss was always willing to get on the bus (or plane, or boat), just to see where it would go.

Mr. Fuss spent 40 years in news radio, finishing his long career with CBS. He covered everything from earthquakes to presidential elections. His chapters rotate from his job to his vacations, which were both full of adventure.

After reading the book, it seems the two things Mr. Fuss seeks most are adventure and good food. He describes both in detail, chapter after chapter.

“I felt I had made the right decision the night before the trip began. At the elegant Victoria Falls Hotel crocodile was on the menu but I chose against it, figuring eating a crocodile would sacrifice the moral high ground if one of them wanted to eat us.”

That may have been wise, as he soon ended up in the Zambezi, but I’ll let you read that story.

I loved reading this book for several reasons. One is Mr. Fuss’s form of humor: “As a trained observer of men and events, I can report Iguazu is a damn big waterfall.” Another is that he writes about the things that were happening in the world while I was growing up, and just enough to make me want to do a little more research, look at another map, or listen to another old clip of Walter Cronkite.

But mostly, the stories are inspiring. Mr. Fuss was born disabled, or, as he might say, “crippled”:

“I never quite understood why ‘crippled’ became a dirty word. It is descriptive and accurate.”

Yet he did more, and continues to do more, than most of us dream to do. Besides being thoroughly entertaining, Mr. Fuss’s book makes me want to get out and explore, or at least eat a good meal. This is easily one of the best books I’ve read this summer.


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