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Book Review: Midnight Jesus by Jamie Blaine

51PHSFCwwRLMidnight Jesus: Where Struggle, Faith, and Grace Collide

By Jamie Blaine

Jamie Blaine writes in a semi-organized yet perfect way about people he’s met through one of his various jobs—psych ward worker, crisis hotline guy, church counselor (kind of), and roller rink assistant manager.

The awesome thing about Blaine is that whether he meets with a drug addict, someone on the brink of suicide, a criminal, or someone acting completely crazy, he always meets them with the sincere attitude of an equal. There are a lot of people who talk about what they would be without God’s grace, but Blaine is the real deal. He is never preachy, never condescending, never the one too holy to get with those who are down and out. Instead, he sees every encounter as a chance to meet with Jesus.

Blaine writes:

“Jesus never turned anyone away who approached him honestly. He never manipulated or pushed anyone. He never sold one thing. He valued humanity, accepted people as-is, and said anyone, anywhere could be redeemed. This is the way God came down to earth.”

Blaine is so humble that he doesn’t criticize anyone. He even finds the good in TV evangelists and hypocrites:

“If you watch, you’ll see some of those same crazy people do beautiful things. The arrogant deacon feeds the hungry, the hypocrite cares for the sick, the religious bigots band together to build some widow a wheelchair-accessible porch. And I realize that whether I am at a bar or a psych ward or a megachurch, people are just people; and in the dark, lonely places we’re all basically the same, frightened and confused and feeling like we’re doing the best we can.”

This book shouldn’t be criticized for giving an “incomplete gospel presentation.” Blaine never claims to give a gospel presentation, at least not according to someone else’s formula. Instead, he tells stories. Good stories. And his stories reached me at a time when nothing else could. This may not be the best seller this year, but it will be the best book that I’ve read.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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