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Book Review: Paranormal Texas by Tui Snider

Paranormal Texas: Your Travel Guide to Haunted Places near Dallas and Fort Worth

By Tui Snider


Tui Snider’s handy little guide gives just enough information to make readers want to grab a camera and hit the roads of North Texas. I began reading it on a Friday, and by Saturday afternoon I had already visited four of the places she writes about along the historic Granbury square.

While I didn’t have any ghostly encounters on my first trip—it was a sunny spring morning, after all—none of the destinations were a disappointment. Each had an interesting history and an employee or two willing to talk about their ghosts. And each was a place I could easily imagine being haunted.

The author has a separate chapter for each destination, making the book easy to navigate, and she gives addresses and directions, making the spots easy to find.

Her writing style is direct and clean. Not only did I enjoy reading the book, but my nine-year-old son read several of the stories to himself; enough of the book to cause me to have to sleep in the same room with him that night.

I also appreciate the author’s telling readers which places are not worth a visit—Old Foamy in Cleburne, Texas for instance—so they won’t go on a “wild ghost chase,” as she puts it. I grew up near Cleburne and made a midnight visit to Old Foamy as a young teenager. Though it was a little creepy, it wasn’t much more than a low water crossing. Luckily the Goat Man didn’t make an appearance while I was there. All that to say, I agree with the author’s advice.

I’m currently re-reading several of Snider’s chapters, and I’m looking forward to my next North Texas ghost hunting trip. Even if you don’t like ghosts, this little book will give you all kinds of ideas for day trips around the Fort Worth area.

Buy it here. The Kindle price is a bargain at .99.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Paranormal Texas by Tui Snider

  1. Thank you so much, John! You made my day! 😀 ~Tui Snider

    Posted by TuiSnider | May 5, 2018, 10:12 pm
  2. Sounds very interesting! I’m nowhere near Texas, and so can’t hope to explore these places myself, but I love reading about hauntings anywhere…

    Posted by Mari Biella | May 6, 2018, 2:43 am
    • We have some unique ghost stories here in Texas that come along with our history. I think you would enjoy them. Who knows, maybe you can explore them some day! Thanks for the comment!

      Posted by John | May 6, 2018, 7:54 am

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