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A husband and daddy, striving to love his neighbors and be kind to his pets. I love good food, good beer, and a few good friends. My other interests are hiking, taking walks, lifting weights, reading books by manly authors like Hemmingway and Twain, and splitting fire wood with my bare hands.
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Musings of a Non-essential Federal Employee

It is 8:31 on a Monday morning, and I should be at work. Not only should I be, but I want to be. I am, though, on an extended holiday vacation, courtesy of the federal government officials who have failed to pass a budget. Or, should I say, who refuse to. I do not blame … Continue reading

A Very Not-so Merry Christmas

Christmas! Time to welcome the in-laws. They will arrive at an unspecified time, several hours earlier than expected, bringing, along with multiple dogs, enough presents, junk food, unwanted produce, and various other bags, packages, and trappings to fill up our previously tidy kitchen and living room. My in-laws are Baptists of the fundamental flavor. Before … Continue reading

Race Review: Isle Du Bois Trail Run

Here’s an old post off of my non-public running blog which has sat quietly for three years. What will probably be my last race of 2014, and possibly my last in the 30-39 age group, turned out to be my favorite of the year. On December 6, two friends and I ran the 18k at … Continue reading

Church Offended that No One is Offended by Christmas

SUNNYBOG, FL—Judson Whitehead, Pastor of Old Times Gospel Church in Sunny Bog, said yesterday that he and other church leaders were “Offended to learn that no one is really offended by Christmas.” “We were all geared up to fight against the war on Christmas,” said a disappointed Whitehead from his office. “It was quite a … Continue reading

Ice Cold Lager Jogger

My training buddy called early Saturday morning. I knew why. “Are you still running?” he asked. We were right on the line where rain turns to snow; it was 32 degrees, windy, and raining. “Yep,” I said. “I’ve actually trained for this one, and I’m not skipping for anything.” “I thought you’d say that,” he … Continue reading

I Remember What it Was That I Loved About Running

Only when I started running again did I realize what I was missing during my three-year break. I didn’t remember at first, though. Those first months of trying to regain what I had lost, of trying to remember what it was I used to love–I made it through those months on discipline alone. Discipline motivated … Continue reading

Daddy Daughter Camping Trip

I recently wrote about my annual fall camping trip with my son. This week, I took my two daughters on their own camping trip. Since it was cold and the two days before Thanksgiving, we almost had the whole state park to ourselves, which was nice. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Please … Continue reading

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