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A Long, Cold Trip to the Top of Texas

A year and a half ago when I hiked the Guadalupe Peak trail to the highest point in Texas, I didn’t think my son was ready. He complained about short hikes at the time; he sure wouldn’t have liked eight strenuous miles. Also, it was August and I didn’t want him to die from a … Continue reading

The Highest Kite

When it came to ridiculous schemes, Ryan and I were brilliant. We decided that we’d break the world record for the highest kite ever flown, so we rode our bicycles to Mott’s Five and Dime, and then to David’s Supermarket, to buy every roll of kite string that either business had. We then took our … Continue reading

Delightful Detroit

Much of what we read or hear about Detroit is negative, so when my boss asked for volunteers to go for three days, my first thought was, “No thanks.” But the chance to get out of the office and see a new place sounded fun, so I volunteered. I’m glad I did. My hotel was … Continue reading

Two Hours in Canada

On Monday I flew to Detroit for work related training. Our hotel was on the Detroit River just by the Windsor Tunnel into Canada, so I brought my passport along. Tuesday after work a friend and I caught the bus into Windsor, Ontario. After a five minute and $5.00 ride under the river via the … Continue reading

Hiking to the Top of Texas: Guadalupe Mountains National Park

After writing The Summer of My Discontent, I decided it was time for more adventure. First on my list was to hike to the top of Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas (8751 feet), in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The first question was whether I’d go alone or find a hiking buddy. My eleven-year-old … Continue reading

Three Weeks in Zambia, Part Three

Part One Part Two Part Three: Out of Africa Over the next two weeks or so, the cycle continued. A long, hot, dusty journey through rural Africa to another remote village where hundreds of people waited to be cured of ailments, illnesses, or injuries. The days were hot, and the nights were cold. I worked … Continue reading

Three Weeks in Zambia, Part Two

If you’d like to read part one, here it is. Though winter in Africa, the days were hot. It was a long, hot, dusty ride from Kalomo to the remote and rural village of Mulamfu, which would be our camp for the next several days. The A-Team left ahead of the rest of us to … Continue reading

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