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How to Write a Helpful Review on Amazon

Writing reviews on Amazon can be fun. And, if written honestly, your reviews can help others make better decisions. I’ve written a few; I was even a top 1,000 reviewer for a year or so. Here are some tips for those who care. I’ll focus on book reviews—that’s primarily what I’ve written—but you can apply … Continue reading

Review: Iron in My Hands by Dave Draper

Iron in My Hands By Dave Draper In this age where everyone is an instant expert, and self-publishing has become easier and more popular than ever, buying a book can be risky business. Especially when it comes to books on weight training. I’ve bought my share of books that claim to hold the secrets to … Continue reading

Review: An Atheist, a Vegan and a Crossfitter Walk into a Bar

Rated R for language and content. The most positive thing I can say is that this book has a catchy title—catchy enough that I downloaded it and looked forward to reading it. Also, I would have loved it when I was 16. And about that title, it has nothing to do with the book; it’s … Continue reading

Review: Portrait of an Infidel

Portrait of an Infidel By Michael Vito Tosto After having just gone through a deconversion that was similar to Michael Vito Tosto’s, I was eager to read this book, hoping to find someone to relate to. There is a lot I appreciate about this book. First, the author thinks deeply and (usually) rationally. Also, he … Continue reading

Book Review: Stuff Women Can’t Do

Stuff Women Can’t Do: 25 Things We All Know Girls Can’t Do (But We Pretend They Can) By Niles and Frasier Mercado When I first saw the title of this book, I thought it surely had to either be a joke or a ridiculous, poorly written diatribe. But the title amused me. Also, my ten-year-old … Continue reading

Review: Manlihood by Josh Hatcher

Manlihood: The 12 Pillars of Masculinity By Josh Hatcher  Josh Hatcher says that “our culture has somehow begun to assassinate masculinity,” and with that I agree. Many things contribute to this—a lack of positive male role models (or, in some cases, a complete absence), no “rites of passage” in our culture, Justin Bieber, whatever. But … Continue reading

Review: Killing God by Khaldoun Sweis

  Killing God: Addressing the Seven Most Common Objections from the New Atheists By Khaldoun Sweis (My spouse, who is a strong believer, requested that I read some books on apologetics. I thought this one may help bring me back to belief, but it actually helped strengthen my unbelief.) When I was strong in my … Continue reading

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