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Review: Tithe! Pay it or Face the Curse, by a Man Who Sincerely Believes Kenneth Copeland

  Tithe! Pay it or Face the Curse By Nkanu Ovai Nkanu According to Nkanu Ovai Nkanu in his poorly formatted and unedited book, “Tithing is the believer’s foundational obligation for prosperity… Whenever you spend or eat tithe, God charges you to His court.” I’m guilty of “spending tithe” (should we not say “a” tithe?), … Continue reading

Review: A Place Called Heaven by Robert Jeffress

The first thing we read on the “About” page is that Robert Jeffress “is senior pastor of the 13,000-member First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas, and a Fox News contributor.” He has a long list of impressive interviews with Big Names, and he recently led his church in a $135 million church renovation which covers six … Continue reading

How to Write a Helpful Review on Amazon

Writing reviews on Amazon can be fun. And, if written honestly, your reviews can help others make better decisions. I’ve written a few; I was even a top 1,000 reviewer for a year or so. Here are some tips for those who care. I’ll focus on book reviews—that’s primarily what I’ve written—but you can apply … Continue reading

Review: Iron in My Hands by Dave Draper

Iron in My Hands By Dave Draper In this age where everyone is an instant expert, and self-publishing has become easier and more popular than ever, buying a book can be risky business. Especially when it comes to books on weight training. I’ve bought my share of books that claim to hold the secrets to … Continue reading

Review: An Atheist, a Vegan and a Crossfitter Walk into a Bar

Rated R for language and content. The most positive thing I can say is that this book has a catchy title—catchy enough that I downloaded it and looked forward to reading it. Also, I would have loved it when I was 16. And about that title, it has nothing to do with the book; it’s … Continue reading

Review: Portrait of an Infidel

Portrait of an Infidel By Michael Vito Tosto After having just gone through a deconversion that was similar to Michael Vito Tosto’s, I was eager to read this book, hoping to find someone to relate to. There is a lot I appreciate about this book. First, the author thinks deeply and (usually) rationally. Also, he … Continue reading

Book Review: Stuff Women Can’t Do

Stuff Women Can’t Do: 25 Things We All Know Girls Can’t Do (But We Pretend They Can) By Niles and Frasier Mercado When I first saw the title of this book, I thought it surely had to either be a joke or a ridiculous, poorly written diatribe. But the title amused me. Also, my ten-year-old … Continue reading

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