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40 Years with a Whistle by Dan John

40 Years with a Whistle: Life Lessons from the Field of Play By Dan John   In the world of strength and conditioning experts, Dan John stands out as one who knows what he is talking about. The summer between high school and college, John went from a lean 162 to a lean 202 through … Continue reading

Review: Spy the Lie

Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception By Philp Houston, Michael Floyd, and Susan Carnicero   Wouldn’t it be fun to have the skills of a CIA agent without the related dangers? With books like Spy the Lie, you can. The authors of Spy the Lie say there’s no such … Continue reading

Review: Weight Training for Old Guys by Timothy Caso

Timothy Caso has lifted weights for decades. When he was younger, he trained in an Olympic gym, and his lifting partner made the 1980 Olympic team. With a 297 pound snatch and a 391 pound clean and jerk, Caso himself is no weakling. Though Caso isn’t training for the Olympics today, he still lifts, and … Continue reading

Book Review: Failure is an Option: An Attempted Memoir

Call me a prude, but I’ve never thought diarrhea jokes were funny. Never is a strong word; I’m sure there was a time, but I can’t remember it. H. Jon Benjamin, though, thinks they are. But I shouldn’t be overly critical; being an adult, I probably was not part of the intended audience for his … Continue reading

Review: Manhood and Other Stuff by TC Luoma

I read the articles at Testosterone Nation regularly. They are well written and have good information on nutrition, strength, and conditioning. Also, they are usually witty, often sarcastic, and always full of character, thanks to editor T C Luoma. In his book, The Testosterone Principles 2: Manhood and Other Stuff, Luoma writes with the same … Continue reading

Book Review: Paranormal Texas by Tui Snider

Paranormal Texas: Your Travel Guide to Haunted Places near Dallas and Fort Worth By Tui Snider   Tui Snider’s handy little guide gives just enough information to make readers want to grab a camera and hit the roads of North Texas. I began reading it on a Friday, and by Saturday afternoon I had already … Continue reading

Book Review: God Save Texas by Lawrence Wright

A friend from another country once asked me why Texans are so proud of their state. Other than my dad’s attempt to move us to Florida when I was four (we moved back to Texas in eight months), and my year of teaching in Oklahoma, I’ve lived in Texas my whole life. My roots are … Continue reading

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