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Things I Learned During the Government Shutdown

The past month was a grand adventure. The day I found out the furlough was coming, I began the application process to become a substitute teacher at our local school. Any income is better than none, and I was a teacher before I became a federal employee. The only reason I left was because it … Continue reading

Texas Panel Pushes for Flat-Earth Theory in Textbooks

Austin, Texas: As the State Board of Education moves forward on the approval of text books for use beginning in 2019, several politically appointed panel members want to see “flat earth science” presented as a valid alternative to the round-earth conspiracy. “Neither round earth nor flat earth science provide all the answers,” said panelist Beth … Continue reading

East Texas Deacon Urges Local School Board to Drop Critical Thinking Course

Last Monday’s meeting of the Murky Creek ISD Board of Trustees had a bit of controversy over next year’s proposed 12th grade course in critical thinking. Jessica Hernandez, High School humanities teacher, thinks the course is needed at Murky Creek: “Our seniors will graduate and go out into the world,” said Hernandez. “Some will go … Continue reading

Apology to my teachers and classmates

That I was a discipline problem in school shouldn’t have surprised my parents. Mama had to give up her baby sitting jobs when I was two after I hit a kid on the head with my plastic hoe and bit the others. When I was four, I got kicked out of swimming lessons on the … Continue reading

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