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Texas Cities Report Sightings of Demon Cats

I was going to wait until it rained in November to re-post this, but it may never rain in November. Plus, it seems appropriate for today. From two years ago:  Texas Cities Report Sightings of “Demon” Cats during Sunday Night’s Storms Abilene, Texas: Residents of towns across Texas, including Abilene, reported sightings of cats acting strange during … Continue reading

A Not so Cozy Winter’s Tale

We had a cat trapped in our wall. A crazy cat. The house was a huge, unfinished metal two-story home in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere in rural Oklahoma. We rented it, along with about 20 acres, for around $300 a month. It was all that we could afford. We … Continue reading

Review: An Atheist, a Vegan and a Crossfitter Walk into a Bar

Rated R for language and content. The most positive thing I can say is that this book has a catchy title—catchy enough that I downloaded it and looked forward to reading it. Also, I would have loved it when I was 16. And about that title, it has nothing to do with the book; it’s … Continue reading

Review: Blood, Sweat, & Shame by Justin Slater

Blood, Sweat, & Shame: Confessions of an Ultra Marathon Fat Guy By Justin Slater I’ve read several books about running, but Justin Slater’s Blood, Sweat, and Shame is one of a kind. Slater, for me, is easy to relate to. He says that his entire “list of personal attributes” that qualifies him to complete an … Continue reading

Review: The Tricky Art of Co-Existing by Sandi Toksvig

If you think that reading a book on manners sounds like a bore, give Sandi Toksvig’s The Tricky Art of Co-Existing a try. It is anything but. Ms. Toksvig writes about everything from flushing the toilet to sex. Her suggestions—she says there are no rules—are based on the “top c’s of manners”: consideration, common sense, … Continue reading

Review: A Field Guide to Awkward Silences by Alexandra Petri

I read the Washington Post when the work day is slow. Someone monitors my computer, so I try to look like I’m keeping up with current events. But, if Someone were to look a little further, they’d see that instead of reading the pressing news, I’ve read the last week’s worth of Alexandra Petri (Pea-Try) … Continue reading

Running Tips for Men: How to Minimize Your Creepiness

* I had posted this on my other blog a while back, but thought a few readers of this site would like it, too. Runner’s World is full of articles on “running etiquette,” which is fine, though most of us know not to blow our nose on nearby runners or shove someone during that last … Continue reading

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