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The Longing of Fall

A hint of fall surprised me this morning. Yesterday was hot, and today will be too. But the air was crisp when I stepped out ahead of the sun. Fall is my favorite, whether I’m in the woods or town. It draws me out and makes me wish for a leaf covered forest, a campfire, … Continue reading

A Day in the Rain

The sunrise was magnificent this morning.  I doubt I’ve ever used the word, “magnificent.” It’s too pompous, but the best fit for what I saw while driving to work. A giant orange-red ball sitting on the horizon, with reddish purple streaks shot through the surrounding sky.  Yesterday I took my coffee outside hoping to see … Continue reading


My great-grandfather was a coal miner from West Virginia. Not really, but I used to tell people that when I was a kid. He was, though, a rail road worker from West Virginia, and the rest of what I say about him is true as far as I know. Grandpa hated school. He once put … Continue reading

How Can You Thank a Mother?

One of my earliest and best memories is of my mama. I’m in my small plastic pool in our unfenced back yard in the woods in Pinehurst, Texas, shivering as a cloud blocks the sun. As it moves past and the warmth comes back, Mama sings, “Here comes the sun, little darling.” Those days were … Continue reading

The Bloody Boy in the Ditch Near Crazy Shep’s Hideout

Farm Road 917 runs west out of Joshua toward Godley. When I was growing up, it was a quiet road with little traffic. If you wanted to get to my house, which you didn’t, you turned left onto Gunn Court just before you topped the hill on 917 a mile out of Joshua. The landmark … Continue reading

Virgil Auld’s Barber Shop, Joshua, Texas: 1980

In 1980, downtown Joshua was still on Main Street, which a few decades before had been part of the main road from Cleburne to Fort Worth.  Most of the businesses were on the west side. The Owl Inn Café was where you could find the old timers (who still said “Josh-u-way”); it was the only … Continue reading

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