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Book Review: The Last Petal Falling

The Last Petal Falling By Lori Arnold McFarlane No thoughtful reader of Lori Arnold McFarlane’s memoir, The Last Petal Falling, could disagree when the author writes: “It would not be hyperbole to say that my faith was the very essence of me.” As is true for many children raised in Christian homes, McFarlane believed in … Continue reading

Book Review: Lean In: The Art of Living a Life Less Ordinary

Lean In: The Art of Living a Life Less Ordinary By Stephen Reed Stephen Reed’s Lean In is not a typical success book. His goal isn’t to get rich by selling books that repeat the same old themes—that’s obvious, considering that the Amazon price for this particular eBook was $0.00 when I “bought” it. In this … Continue reading

Book Review: Rise, by Trip Lee

In Rise: Get Up and Live in God’s Great Story, Trip Lee encourages readers—particularly young readers—to not waste time or wait for a better opportunity to live for Christ: “There’s no in-between phase where we just exist in a youth, college, or young singles ministry. You’re a real human being, a real follower of Christ, a real … Continue reading

Book Review: Running Through the First 100 Years

Running Through the First 100 Years By Liz Murtaugh Gillespie (This book is a history of Brooks running shoe company.) Runners know Brooks as the company that makes high quality running shoes. Most of us didn’t know that the company started out making ballet slippers and bathing shoes in Philadelphia in 1914. From then through … Continue reading

Review: Confidence Hacks by Brian William

Confidence Hacks: How to Boost Confidence, Overcome Negativity And Become The Great Person you Really Are This could also be titled “The first one-star review I’ve ever given,” or, simply, “Horrible.” According to Brian William in his book, Confidence Hacks: “Confidence is the ability to cope up with the setbacks and deal with it.” What? … Continue reading

Book Review: Slow Running by Chris Bore

Slow Running: Running for fun: without going too far, too fast, too soon By Chris Bore It’s not often that we get something good for free. But I like free. That’s one of the reasons running is my favorite sport; I can go where and when I want, without paying a fee. That’s also one … Continue reading

Running Tips for Men: How to Minimize Your Creepiness

* I had posted this on my other blog a while back, but thought a few readers of this site would like it, too. Runner’s World is full of articles on “running etiquette,” which is fine, though most of us know not to blow our nose on nearby runners or shove someone during that last … Continue reading

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