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Lessons from My First Strength Lifting Meet

On April 20, I drove to Wichita Falls, Texas for a strength lifting meet sanctioned by the United States Strength Lifting Federation. Strength lifting is different from powerlifting in that instead of bench press being the upper body lift, the USSF uses a strict shoulder press. Deadlifts must be conventional. And competitors weigh out instead … Continue reading

Staying Strong After Forty

Other than my family and job, my main interest is training. Running and weight training occupy my free time and much of my thoughts. My routine changes, but right now I do a full-body weight training session every other day with running on the off days. I don’t program a rest day, as they tend … Continue reading

Twenty-Three-Year-Old Trainer Saves Dave Draper from Bad Knees and Shoulders, Possible Death

Where once I was bound to childish wanderings and inconsequential deeds, I am now on the path of the timeless masters, the dust of their footsteps before me yet unsettled—Dave Draper, Iron In my Hands.   Paxton Sherrill, recent graduate and personal trainer at Planet Fitness, met with former Mr. Universe Dave Draper (76) to … Continue reading

Review: Weight Training for Old Guys by Timothy Caso

Timothy Caso has lifted weights for decades. When he was younger, he trained in an Olympic gym, and his lifting partner made the 1980 Olympic team. With a 297 pound snatch and a 391 pound clean and jerk, Caso himself is no weakling. Though Caso isn’t training for the Olympics today, he still lifts, and … Continue reading

Male Weight Lifter Battered by Woman at Local Gym

Abilene, Texas: A young Abilene man spent the night in a local emergency room after receiving a thrashing from a female gym goer last Wednesday. According to eye witnesses, Shelby Stewart, a regular Bro at the Crusty Crab Weight Shack on South 14th street, had it coming. “The guy is obnoxious,” said an older gentleman … Continue reading

CrossFit Coach Tells Clients to “Let Go and Let God”

A local CrossFit competitor is in the hospital after last Saturday’s games in Dallas. According to Sally Shortcake, things went south when she remembered a bit of advice from her coach. “I was in the snatch part of the contest,” said Sally. “I had the barbell overhead. It was my PR. (Yay!) Just then, I … Continue reading

More Scattered Observations of a Cranky Old Weightlifter

My degree isn’t in exercise science, but I have had thirty years’ experience, off and on, to learn from. When I was 12, I got one of the weight sets with the plastic covered concrete plates and a hollow metal bar. I knew three lifts: military press, curls, and reverse curls. A classmate told me … Continue reading

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