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Rattlesnakes I’ve Known

During my time in South Texas, Central Texas, West Texas, and the Panhandle of Texas, I’ve been around a rattlesnake or two. Like J. Frank Dobie said in his book, Rattlesnakes, they all have different personalities. Some are friendly, and some are bastards. Once on a ranch in South Texas, I heard a loud buzz … Continue reading

Hiking at Colorado Bend State Park

My wife and I took a weekend trip to Colorado Bend State Park in the Texas hill country last weekend. Our plan was to get a full day of hiking in, rain or shine. The temperature was in the low 50’s when we arrived; very cool for May. It was also drizzling, and the forecast … Continue reading

Hiking Basics: What You Do and Don’t Need for a Day Hike

Hiking is a great way to stay in shape, get outside, and see some beautiful places in the world. It’s also easy to get started and requires little gear. Unfortunately, like most things, people like to complicate it. The last thing you need to do is ask what you need on a hiking message board. … Continue reading

Running in the Rain

Despite a cold front and hard rain this morning, my ten-year-old running buddy was eager to get up when the alarm went off. We were going to a 5 k mud/obstacle race on a ranch in the next town. It was his first full 5 k, and he was ready. After registration we shivered in … Continue reading

First Ride at Kowbell Rodeo

One evening, while stocking the ketchup aisle at the local grocery store, the boys and I were talking about rodeos, a subject that had been on my mind for months. Earlier that year, in the locker room at school, I overheard some guys talking about a boy who had won a buckle riding a bull. … Continue reading

The Bloody Boy in the Ditch Near Crazy Shep’s Hideout

Farm Road 917 runs west out of Joshua toward Godley. When I was growing up, it was a quiet road with little traffic. If you wanted to get to my house, which you didn’t, you turned left onto Gunn Court just before you topped the hill on 917 a mile out of Joshua. The landmark … Continue reading

How to Teach a Horse to Swim

There were a few skills that I used to think were important for horses: They needed to walk, trot, lope, and back when I wanted them to. They needed to turn to the cue of the rein or my legs. They needed to be able to stand still. They needed to walk through the canals … Continue reading

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