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Bad Blogging Behavior

I co-wrote the following with the endlessly talented Shayne of Musings by Shayne. As I said the last time we worked together, she contributed the good parts, and I contributed the rest.  While I admit I’m no blogging expert, I’ve noticed a few things during my blogging adventures that I don’t recommend. I’ve committed all … Continue reading

Six Simple Writing Tips

Blogs, millions of blogs. Some have ten-thousand readers, and some have none. Why? One reason is that some are well-written, and some are not. If Sally’s writing is crisp and clear, and Mike’s is cluttered and pretentious, littered with words like “pretentious,” people will choose Sally. Jericho is inspired and creative. Words magically flow from … Continue reading

Seven Simple Blog Tips

Who am I to give you tips? No one, from nowhere. I have, though, been blogging for over ten years. And during that time, I’ve been a reader of blogs. I’ve looked at hundreds, and I know what I like and what I don’t. Following are things that I notice—things that determine whether I come … Continue reading

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