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Old Times Gospel Church Invites All to the Fourth Annual Revival and Turtle Shoot (Note: This is Fake News)

Judson Whitehead, pastor of Old Times Gospel Church in Sunny Bog, Florida, invites everyone to attend the fourth annual Revival and Turtle Shoot on Sunday, July 8. “We’re hoping folks will join us to get saved, shoot some turtles, and have some great food,” said Whitehead. We asked Whitehead why the church has a turtle … Continue reading

Numerologists Say World did End Saturday, but NASA is Covering it Up

Christian numerologists say that the world did end on September 23, but that NASA is covering it up. Based upon an interpretation of Scripture and numerical codes in the King James Version Bible, numerologists predicted September 23 to be a “day of doom,” and they say that despite claims and evidence to the contrary, it was: … Continue reading

Florida Group Says that Clown Sightings Signal the End

Reports of clown attacks have been making news across the country. A Florida church says it’s no coincidence. “As soon as I seen that story about the clowns, I knew it was a sign,” said Judson Whitehead, pastor of Old Times Gospel Church in Sunny Bog, Florida. According to Whitehead, Daniel 12:4 is a direct … Continue reading

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