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Review: Love Over Religion by Danica Allen

Love Over Religion: Why I Left Christianity By Danica Allen Danica Allen’s book began as a letter to her friends and family who would ask her, “Why did you leave Christianity?” It was her prepared response. And it grew from the five pages she planned to, well, a book. Ms. Allen begins by looking at … Continue reading

Review: Portrait of an Infidel

Portrait of an Infidel By Michael Vito Tosto There is a lot I appreciate about this book. First, the author thinks deeply and (usually) rationally. Also, he is a great writer. I really enjoyed the story as he wrote of his time as a Christian and the reasons for his deconversion. He never wanted to … Continue reading

Book Review: The Last Petal Falling

The Last Petal Falling By Lori Arnold McFarlane No thoughtful reader of Lori Arnold McFarlane’s memoir, The Last Petal Falling, could disagree when the author writes: “It would not be hyperbole to say that my faith was the very essence of me.” As is true for many children raised in Christian homes, McFarlane believed in … Continue reading

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