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The De-conversion of a Calvinist (Revision 3?)

To my three or four faithful readers—I apologize for reposting this, but I continue to feel compelled to edit it for clarity and simplicity. This version is close to 1,000 words shorter than the previous. My parents and grandparents were Primitive Baptists. My great-great grandfather, and his father, were pastors of a small Primitive Baptist … Continue reading

Book Review: The Last Petal Falling

The Last Petal Falling By Lori Arnold McFarlane No thoughtful reader of Lori Arnold McFarlane’s memoir, The Last Petal Falling, could disagree when the author writes: “It would not be hyperbole to say that my faith was the very essence of me.” As is true for many children raised in Christian homes, McFarlane believed in … Continue reading

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