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Yellow Labrador Disowned by Family and Church for Dating Chocolate Lab

JASPER, TX—Bowser McCain, Head Deacon at the First Canine hard-shell Baptist Church in Jasper, announced to the church Sunday that he is disowning his daughter. “It breaks my heart to have to tell you this, brethren and sistren,” said a weeping McCain, “but Daisy, our once beloved pup, has run off with a Chocolate Lab … Continue reading

Dog Reflects on Hard Times and Bad Decisions; Concludes He’s had a Good Life

Ranger, Texas: Rufus P. Hadley stares across the prison yard where he’s spent the last twelve of his fifteen years with  both regret and acceptance showing in his large, brown eyes. “I wasn’t more than a pup when I came here,” he said, his gravelly voice betraying long, hard years. “I just got to running with … Continue reading

When Will You Ever Put a Dog in a Chokehold?

That’s what my smirking wife asked me one evening. I was on the couch watching various self-defense videos; the last few were how to defend against attacking dogs. Since my wife and I both run, and she’d been chased more than once, I thought she’d understand the value in knowing the proper way to put … Continue reading

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