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Apology to my teachers and classmates

That I was a discipline problem in school shouldn’t have surprised my parents. Mama had to give up her baby sitting jobs when I was two after I hit a kid on the head with my plastic hoe and bit the rest of them. When I was four, I got kicked out of swimming lessons … Continue reading

Review: Triathlon Workout Thoughts by Kim Smith

Triathlon Workout Thoughts: Essays by a Man with Too Much Free Time By Dr. Kim Smith Ludus Publishing The most important thing a prospective reader needs to know about Dr. Kim Smith’s Triathlon Workout Thoughts is that only a few of the essays contained therein have to do with triathlons. The essays may have been … Continue reading

Review: Is College Worth It? By William Bennett and David Wilezol

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, the reality of four years of student loan debt set in. I didn’t enjoy my job, was making little money, and wondered if the time spent at the University was worth it. I remember saying that if I could sell my diploma to pay off my student loans, I … Continue reading

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