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Numerologists Say World did End Saturday, but NASA is Covering it Up

Christian numerologists say that the world did end on September 23, but that NASA is covering it up. Based upon an interpretation of Scripture and numerical codes in the King James Version Bible, numerologists predicted September 23 to be a “day of doom,” and they say that despite claims and evidence to the contrary, it was: … Continue reading

Florida Church Says September 23, 2017 will Fulfill Prophesy in Revelation 12:1-2

A Florida church says that September 23, 2017 will be the beginning of the end. Last year, we spoke with Judson Whitehead, pastor of Old Times Gospel Church in Sunny Bog, Florida, regarding what he believed to be a fulfillment of prophecy in Daniel 12:4—clown sightings. At the time, Whitehead and many of his church … Continue reading

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