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Fitness in the Middle of Nowhere

The following is a guest post by Erin Haske of HealthFit Coaching. Erin has an awesome site and blog with tons of great information, so please go check her out. Hello, Nowhere! I’m so flattered to be invited to spend some time with you all, and while I can’t promise to make you laugh as … Continue reading

Running in the Rain

Despite a cold front and hard rain this morning, my ten-year-old running buddy was eager to get up when the alarm went off. We were going to a 5 k mud/obstacle race on a ranch in the next town. It was his first full 5 k, and he was ready. After registration we shivered in … Continue reading

Male Weight Lifter Battered by Woman at Local Gym

Abilene, Texas: A young Abilene man spent the night in a local emergency room after receiving a thrashing from a female gym goer last Wednesday. According to eye witnesses, Shelby Stewart, a regular Bro at the Crusty Crab Weight Shack on South 14th street, had it coming. “The guy is obnoxious,” said an older gentleman … Continue reading

More Scattered Observations of a Cranky Old Weightlifter

My degree isn’t in exercise science, but I have had thirty years’ experience, off and on, to learn from. When I was 12, I got one of the weight sets with the plastic covered concrete plates and a hollow metal bar. I knew three lifts: military press, curls, and reverse curls. A classmate told me … Continue reading

Review: Muscle Building: 12 No B.S. Tricks for Explosive Muscle Growth, Getting Absolutely Ripped, & Building Strength Quickly

Muscle Building: 12 No B.S. Tricks for Explosive Muscle Growth, Getting Absolutely Ripped, & Building Strength Quickly By Mike Lorenzo Not Recommended Before I respond to Mr. Lorenzo’s ‘book,’ I should let the reader know what my experience is in the subject if I am to have any credibility. I have been lifting weights and … Continue reading

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