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The Lynching of Santa Claus

The Santa Claus Bank Robbery happened in Cisco, Texas on December 23, 1927 and resulted in the last public mob lynching in the state. The details are well-known in Cisco and Eastland, and the story is notorious in Texas, as it was one of the last true examples of the wild west. Readers can find … Continue reading

Old Pilgrim Church, Elkhart, Texas

My great-great grandfather, and his father before him, were Primitive Baptist pastors in Elkins, West Virginia. The church is still there today, almost unchanged from how it was 100 years ago—a one room frame building with outhouses amid a cemetery on a hill. Until a few years ago, a cousin of mine was still pastor. … Continue reading

Creation Scientist Says Alamo is, ‘At Most, Thirty Years Old’

San Antonio, Texas: Shaded under the sprawling branches of the 106-year-old Live Oak known as the “Heritage Tree” behind the North Barracks of the Alamo, renowned creation scientist Harry Hornelius said yesterday that the mission made famous by the Texas Revolution is “at most, thirty years old.” Nowhere Tribune’s Leo Hernandez, a thirty-year-old native of … Continue reading

Ghost Hunting in Granbury, Part Two: John Wilkes Booth, The Nuttshell Eatery and Bakery, and the Granbury Opera House

My nine-year-old son Ben and I recently went on a ghost hunting trip to the historic square in Granbury, Texas. If you missed part one of this story, you can read it here, where I wrote about our favorite stop, the Old Jail and Museum. A close second was the Nuttshell Eatery and Bakery. Built … Continue reading

Book Review: Paranormal Texas by Tui Snider

Paranormal Texas: Your Travel Guide to Haunted Places near Dallas and Fort Worth By Tui Snider   Tui Snider’s handy little guide gives just enough information to make readers want to grab a camera and hit the roads of North Texas. I began reading it on a Friday, and by Saturday afternoon I had already … Continue reading

Ghost Hunting in Granbury, Part One: The Old Jail and Museum

I recently read that the historic square in downtown Granbury, Texas has so many resident ghosts that weekly ghost tours are offered. I planned to go to my grandmother’s house in Granbury on the upcoming Saturday, so I jotted down some names and addresses of the most haunted businesses to take along. When the day … Continue reading

Book Review: God Save Texas by Lawrence Wright

A friend from another country once asked me why Texans are so proud of their state. Other than my dad’s attempt to move us to Florida when I was four (we moved back to Texas in eight months), and my year of teaching in Oklahoma, I’ve lived in Texas my whole life. My roots are … Continue reading

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