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Who’s the Handsome Man in Our Profile Picture?

Nowhere Tribune has a new profile picture. My hard copy is framed along with another, smaller picture, a dog tag, and a newspaper clipping with the title: “Sergeant Bird Being Treated at San Antonio.” From the Fort Worth Star Telegram: “Sgt Albert Bird, 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Bird of 3312 Meadowoaks, Haltom … Continue reading

Tips for Men: How to Minimize Your Creepiness

Let’s face it, men. To 90% of all women other than your wife *, sister, mother, great-aunt, and (maybe) daughter, you are creepy. This is especially true of men, like myself, who are at or near forty and slightly balding. Think about it. What do all the creepers in 80’s stalker movies look like? Sorry. … Continue reading

How to Look Intimidating

You’re tired of being the wimp on the block. You want to be feared by boys and respected by bikers, yet you don’t have time to become a true badass. Here are some tips to help you look the part. Gain weight. Think of the movies. How many scrawny bad asses do you see? That’s … Continue reading

Men: How to be Smoking Hot and Irresistible

You ain’t getting no action. It’s true—don’t deny it. The only time Winky gets kinky is when your parents are at work and you’re in the basement with those pictures you found of Aunt Maggie from her college days. She was something, wasn’t she? That’s pathetic. If the best you can do is a picture … Continue reading

Review: Manhood and Other Stuff by TC Luoma

I read the articles at Testosterone Nation regularly. They are well written and have good information on nutrition, strength, and conditioning. Also, they are usually witty, often sarcastic, and always full of character, thanks to editor T C Luoma. In his book, The Testosterone Principles 2: Manhood and Other Stuff, Luoma writes with the same … Continue reading

Shaving With an Old-fashioned Safety Razor

My senior year in high school, all the boys received a free Gillette Sensor razor and three replacement cartridges as a graduation gift. It was great marketing; I shaved with a Gillette Sensor and $.97 Colgate shaving cream for the next twenty years. During the last year, I’ve switched to an old-fashioned safety razor. Shaving … Continue reading

Gym Rules for Men

These rules are a matter of preference. If you prefer to be regarded as a man, follow them. 1. Leave the lifting mittens in your wife’s closet. Don’t tell me they improve your grip. If your hands are that sweaty, wipe them with a towel. A benefit of weight lifting is having strong, calloused hands. … Continue reading

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