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The Longing of Fall

A hint of fall surprised me this morning. Yesterday was hot, and today will be too. But the air was crisp when I stepped out ahead of the sun. Fall is my favorite, whether I’m in the woods or town. It draws me out and makes me wish for a leaf covered forest, a campfire, … Continue reading

Book Review: The Matheny Manifesto

The Matheny Manifesto: A Young Manager’s Old-School Views on Success in Sports and Life By Mike Matheny and Jerry B. Jenkins In his book, The Matheny Manifesto, Mike Matheny shares his thoughts on coaching baseball. I’ve coached youth softball for a few years, and have a few years to go. From that aspect I found … Continue reading

Review: Chasing the Dragon by Mark Matthews

Chasing the Dragon: Running to Get High By Mark Matthews Mark Matthews says, “To feel higher experiences is why we live. Running, I have found, is the most effective, natural way to find spiritual, emotional, and mental bliss.” Mr. Matthews has plenty experience in seeking “higher experiences.” He writes honestly and humbly about his past … Continue reading

Review: Triathlon Workout Thoughts by Kim Smith

Triathlon Workout Thoughts: Essays by a Man with Too Much Free Time By Dr. Kim Smith Ludus Publishing The most important thing a prospective reader needs to know about Dr. Kim Smith’s Triathlon Workout Thoughts is that only a few of the essays contained therein have to do with triathlons. The essays may have been … Continue reading

Review: The Essential Sheehan

The Essential Sheehan: A Lifetime of Running Wisdom from the Legendary Dr. George Sheehan By George Sheehan Edited by Andrew Sheehan Rodale: 2013 Dr. George Sheehan was a cardiologist, runner, writer, and philosopher. Yet no label is sufficient for him. And of all that’s been written about him, I wasn’t truly impressed until I read … Continue reading

The Book of Job: A Biography by Mark Larrimore

The Book of Job: A Biography By Mark Larrimore Princeton University Press: 2013 “Keeping company with Job, as friend or interpreter, is a worthy activity,” says Mark Larrimore. In his Book of Job: a Biography, Larrimore traces the history of thought surrounding Job from ancient to modern times. Larrimore’s intention is to show why and … Continue reading

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