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Subtle Hints: Knowing When it’s Time to Shut Up

Talking people are tiresome. We all talk; most of us, anyway. We must. But some people talk, and talk, and talk. Those are the people we hide from at the grocery store. How many hours have we spent needing to get away from someone who won’t take a breath? After the first minute, we become … Continue reading

Tips for Men: How to Minimize Your Creepiness

Let’s face it, men. To 90% of all women other than your wife *, sister, mother, great-aunt, and (maybe) daughter, you are creepy. This is especially true of men, like myself, who are at or near forty and slightly balding. Think about it. What do all the creepers in 80’s stalker movies look like? Sorry. … Continue reading


When my wife and I moved into our neighborhood twelve years ago, Mr. Weems was the first to welcome us with his big, genuine smile. Bonnie just turned three, Lily was one, and Ben was still a year off. We were far from either of our families, and we had yet to make new friends. … Continue reading

Men: How to be Smoking Hot and Irresistible

You ain’t getting no action. It’s true—don’t deny it. The only time Winky gets kinky is when your parents are at work and you’re in the basement with those pictures you found of Aunt Maggie from her college days. She was something, wasn’t she? That’s pathetic. If the best you can do is a picture … Continue reading

Men and Loneliness

Suicide is one of the top causes of death among middle-aged men in the United States. In the last few years, a handful of men I’ve known have taken their lives. You’ve probably known some, too. The reasons are many, and varied, and complicated. But a lack of true friends, and a strong feeling of … Continue reading

Virgil Auld’s Barber Shop, Joshua, Texas: 1980

In 1980, downtown Joshua was still on Main Street, which a few decades before had been part of the main road from Cleburne to Fort Worth.  Most of the businesses were on the west side. The Owl Inn Café was where you could find the old timers (who still said “Josh-u-way”); it was the only … Continue reading

Book Review: Scary Close by Donald Miller

Scary Close: dropping the act and finding true intimacy By Donald Miller   Donald Miller didn’t get married until his forties: “I spent years isolated and alone, working up words to tell people who I was—or more accurately, who I wanted to be.” Scary Close tells of how Mr. Miller has begun to move from … Continue reading

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