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Jeremiah Was a Bull…Rider

My old pickup didn’t have an air conditioner. The windows were open as we drove down 917 East to Mansfield. A homemade tape of Chris Ledoux was playing: “Well, there ain’t no easy going on the rodeo trail; for every man that’s made it, a hundred men have failed…” “I guess two hundred men are … Continue reading

A Friendly Fight at the Rodeo

Our first out of town rodeo was the Bridgeport Rider’s Club Rodeo in Bridgeport, Texas. We found it in the Cowboy Sports News. Bridgeport was only 70 miles from home, but we thought we were really striking the rodeo trail as we drove up Highway 287 that afternoon. We pulled into the gas station when … Continue reading

First Ride at Kowbell Rodeo

One evening, while stocking the ketchup aisle at the local grocery store, the boys and I were talking about rodeos, a subject that had been on my mind for months. Earlier that year, in the locker room at school, I overheard some guys talking about a boy who had won a buckle riding a bull. … Continue reading

How to Not Look Like a Clown at the Summer Rodeo

Planning to attend a rodeo this summer? Maybe even get lucky at the rodeo dance afterwards? It’s best to dress comfortably and in your normal clothes. But, if you must try to look like a cowboy, here are some tips to keep you from looking like a clown and getting laughed at. Be careful with … Continue reading

Sunday on the Rodeo Trail

My parents were gone to an out-of-town church meeting. I had been daydreaming most of the morning, cleaning my rodeo gear and listening to Chris Ledoux tapes. The more I listened to those songs about the hardships and the glamour of rodeo life, the more I wanted to be the person in the songs. Restless … Continue reading

The Story of the Armadillo Tattoo

Last summer I was standing in line for the twisty slide at the public pool with my little boy. Another young boy was behind me, staring at the tattoo on my shoulder with a puzzled look on his face. “Is that a rat?” he asked. It’ not a rat; it’s not a rodent at all, … Continue reading

Just Because You Ride Him Once Doesn’t Mean You’ll Ride Him Again

“What’s going on out there?” Debbie asked the chubby young boy who was buying a Snicker’s bar. Debbie worked in the concession stand at Kowbell on Friday nights. She was older, older than us anyway (30 at most), and kind of a motherly figure to all of the regular bull riders. “John Bird got thrown … Continue reading

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