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Review: Blood, Sweat, & Shame by Justin Slater

Blood, Sweat, & Shame: Confessions of an Ultra Marathon Fat Guy By Justin Slater I’ve read several books about running, but Justin Slater’s Blood, Sweat, and Shame is one of a kind. Slater, for me, is easy to relate to. He says that his entire “list of personal attributes” that qualifies him to complete an … Continue reading

Road Race Review: The Big D Texas Marathon

Race Review: The Big D Texas Marathon Dallas, April 12, 2015 Anyone in Texas knows that it’s risky to enter a marathon in the middle of April. The temperatures can range anywhere from 30 to 105. There can be ice, or there can be thunderstorms. The weather for Sunday’s Big D Marathon could have been … Continue reading

Book Review: Running Through the First 100 Years

Running Through the First 100 Years By Liz Murtaugh Gillespie (This book is a history of Brooks running shoe company.) Runners know Brooks as the company that makes high quality running shoes. Most of us didn’t know that the company started out making ballet slippers and bathing shoes in Philadelphia in 1914. From then through … Continue reading

Book Review: Slow Running by Chris Bore

Slow Running: Running for fun: without going too far, too fast, too soon By Chris Bore It’s not often that we get something good for free. But I like free. That’s one of the reasons running is my favorite sport; I can go where and when I want, without paying a fee. That’s also one … Continue reading

Running Tips for Men: How to Minimize Your Creepiness

* I had posted this on my other blog a while back, but thought a few readers of this site would like it, too. Runner’s World is full of articles on “running etiquette,” which is fine, though most of us know not to blow our nose on nearby runners or shove someone during that last … Continue reading

Reasons to Not Run in the Dark, Based Upon True Science and Observation

Many of my running buddies train in the early morning while it is still dark. I’m not with them, but I hear about it from others. Here are the reasons I don’t run until the sun comes up. These are all based upon true science and observation. 1. Few races are in the dark, and … Continue reading

Two Helpful Guides for Beginning Triathletes

After the Cowtown Marathon next weekend, I’ll be concentrating on triathlon training. Here are a couple of helpful guides I’ve read in preparation. The 50 Best Tips EVER for Running Fitter, Faster and Forever By Scott Welle Scott Welle has put together a good collection of tips for runners, whether they are beginners or advanced. … Continue reading

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