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New Study Finds that Male Rabbits Rank Happiest Among Mammals

Special thanks go to Shayne for helping with this story. She contributed the good parts, and we contributed the rest. STEPHENVILLE, TX—Researchers from the Tarleton State University Department of Wildlife Science have concluded that, of all mammals, male rabbits are the most happy, relaxed, and confident. “We’ve conducted a five-year study of North Texas mammals,” … Continue reading

Creation Scientist Says Alamo is, ‘At Most, Thirty Years Old’

San Antonio, Texas: Shaded under the sprawling branches of the 106-year-old Live Oak known as the “Heritage Tree” behind the North Barracks of the Alamo, renowned creation scientist Harry Hornelius said yesterday that the mission made famous by the Texas Revolution is “at most, thirty years old.” Nowhere Tribune’s Leo Hernandez, a thirty-year-old native of … Continue reading

Texas Panel Pushes for Flat-Earth Theory in Textbooks

Austin, Texas: As the State Board of Education moves forward on the approval of text books for use beginning in 2019, several politically appointed panel members want to see “flat earth science” presented as a valid alternative to the round-earth conspiracy. “Neither round earth nor flat earth science provide all the answers,” said panelist Beth … Continue reading

Creation Scientist Says Sea Horses Don’t Exist

According to popular creation scientist Harry Hornelius, sea horses are “mythological creatures.” Standing inside the Sea Horse Exhibit at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD last Thursday, Hornelius explained: “The so-called ‘sea horse’ is a creation of the fallen mind, just like unicorns, centaurs, and dinosaurs. Nowhere in the Bible are sea horses mentioned.” When … Continue reading

Review: Simply Darwin

Simply Darwin By Michael Ruse In his new book, Michael Ruse writes: “No educated person today should be ignorant of the life and labors of Charles Darwin. In science and in culture, he is one of the seminal figures of all time.” The size of Simply Darwin—135 pages—makes it a good starting point for someone … Continue reading

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