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Review: Manlihood by Josh Hatcher

Manlihood: The 12 Pillars of Masculinity By Josh Hatcher  Josh Hatcher says that “our culture has somehow begun to assassinate masculinity,” and with that I agree. Many things contribute to this—a lack of positive male role models (or, in some cases, a complete absence), no “rites of passage” in our culture, Justin Bieber, whatever. But … Continue reading

Review: Freedom From Anger by Alubomulle Sumanasara

Alubomulle Sumanasara calls anger “the enemy of joy” in his new book, Freedom from Anger: Understanding it, Overcoming It, and Finding Joy. Sumanasara explains why anger is irrational, how it only hurts the person who gets angry, how it doesn’t accomplish anything. He says that, even though it may seem to go against one’s nature, … Continue reading

Still Here by Andy Grant

Still Here: How to Succeed in Life after Failing at Suicide By Andy Grant   “I’ve been to the edge enough to know beyond any shadow of a doubt that nobody is here for the purpose of ending their own life,” writes Andy Grant in his book, Still Here. Andy Grant is a survivor of … Continue reading

Book Review: Out of the Darkness by Kimberly Amato

Out of the Darkness: Coping With and Recovering From the Death of a Child By Kimberly Amato   Kimberly Amato says that she is a member of a club she didn’t want to join—the bereaved parents club. Ten years ago, on the weekend before Christmas, she lost her three-year-old daughter Meghan in an accident; a … Continue reading

Review: Confidence Hacks by Brian William

Confidence Hacks: How to Boost Confidence, Overcome Negativity And Become The Great Person you Really Are This could also be titled “The first one-star review I’ve ever given,” or, simply, “Horrible.” According to Brian William in his book, Confidence Hacks: “Confidence is the ability to cope up with the setbacks and deal with it.” What? … Continue reading

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