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Hiking Basics: What You Do and Don’t Need for a Day Hike

Hiking is a great way to stay in shape, get outside, and see some beautiful places in the world. It’s also easy to get started and requires little gear. Unfortunately, like most things, people like to complicate it. The last thing you need to do is ask what you need on a hiking message board. … Continue reading

Grooming Tips for Men

You’re not the dude on the cover of Men’s Health. No need to cry into your bowl of Ruffles, big boy. There’s plenty you can do now to move a notch closer. These tips seem like common sense but look around and see how many guys are not following them. Are you? I hope so. … Continue reading

Seven Simple Blog Tips

Who am I to give you tips? No one, from nowhere. I have, though, been blogging for over ten years. And during that time, I’ve been a reader of blogs. I’ve looked at hundreds, and I know what I like and what I don’t. Following are things that I notice—things that determine whether I come … Continue reading

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