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The Sidewalk

There’s a large live oak tree out front. I’d say ancient, but I’ve seen pictures of our building from the fifties, and it’s not there. It’s older than me, and it’s taller than our three-story building, but it’s not ancient. Each morning the sidewalk needs swept. Live oaks shed their leaves year-round. Another name for … Continue reading


Years ago, my dad called to tell me how many Mondays each of us had left to work in our careers. My number was large enough to cause despair. Since he’d started a new career in mid-life, his was smaller, but was still way too many. I always had young parents. They dated at fifteen … Continue reading

Fort Worth Man Dies from Overly Talkative Co-Workers

Breaking A Fort Worth man died yesterday after his eight-hour shift at the Tarrant County Tax Appraisal office. According to sources, John Smith’s death was a direct result of overly talkative co-workers. “When John came home yesterday, and I asked how his day was, he just said ‘shhhh,’ laid down on the couch, and died,” … Continue reading

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